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威尼斯赌场网站 is committed to providing a tobacco-free environment for the entire community. 校园禁烟政策适用于所有美国大学.S. 威尼斯赌场网站的设施、财产和车辆. Smoking 和 the use of tobacco products shall not be permitted in any buildings, 停车场, 通路, 覆盖的入口, 体育/娱乐设施和体育场馆, Liacouras走, Polett走, 比斯利走, 钟楼和邻近的草坪, 奥康纳广场, 以及其他校园人行道和广场. Where Temple buildings are adjacent to public sidewalks or streets, smoking 和 the use of tobacco products is prohibited on those public sidewalks 和 streets within 20 feet of building entrances.

威尼斯赌场网站 will not permit the inclusion of any tobacco-related advertising in any Temple-produced publications, 营销或社交媒体, 受宪法限制.


Tobacco is defined as all tobacco-derived or tobacco-containing products, 包括但不限于:

  • 香烟(e.g. 丁香、比迪士、香烟、雪茄和小雪茄);
  • 电子香烟; 
  • hookah-smoked产品;
  • 管道;
  • 口服烟草(e).g. 吐而不吐、无烟、咀嚼、鼻烟); 
  • 鼻烟草; 
  • nicotine delivery devices; 和 
  • other products that mimic tobacco products, contain tobacco flavoring, or deliver nicotine.

美国认可的产品.S. 美国食品药品监督管理局, 当用于戒烟时, are not considered tobacco under this policy; use of electronic cigarettes is not considered a means of cessation.


所有大学生, 教师, 管理员, 工作人员 和 visitors are responsible for cooperating to achieve the goal of this policy.  

  • Tobacco use by students on all university property is prohibited 和 is a violation under the 学生行为准则. Violation of this policy will be h和led in the same way as other violations. 
  • Tobacco use by 管理员, 教师 和 工作人员 on all university property is prohibited. This policy will be enforced in accordance with rules 和 regulations in the 员工手册.

Cessation Resources


健康资源中心: 提供健康咨询,探索压力管理 

  • 电话: 215-204-8436 
  • 电子邮件: bewelltu@luxuryhouse-la.com
  • 地址: 
    1755 N. 13日圣.
  • 办公时间: 星期一至星期五:上午8:30.m.–5 p.m.

塔特尔曼咨询服务: offers individual or group counseling with specialized counselors who provide comprehensive services to students with addictive behaviors

  • 电话: 215-204-7276
  • 地址:
    1700 N. 广泛的圣.

独立蓝十字: provides access to smoking cessation resources to employees enrolled in one of the university’s health plans 

毕生的事业: an app 和 a website that provide tobacco cessation resources for employees, including an incentive program to motivate users to keep healthy habits

全面健康奖励计划: an interactive app 和 website that allows employees to earn rewards for participating in smoking cessation programs

Prescribed nicotine replacement therapy can be covered through Temple’s insurance. See below for more details on nicotine replacement therapy options.


S戒烟计划: provides access to specialists who use both medication 和 behavioral therapy, 包括支持小组, 帮助人们达到戒烟的目标


1 - 800 -现在戒烟

  • 西班牙语: 1 - 855 - dejelo丫
  • 普通话及粤语: 1-800-838-8917
  • 韩国: 1-800-556-5564
  • 越南: 1-800-778-8440
  • 传真: 1-800-261-6259
  • 免费短信: 文本开始到47848

Nicotine replacement therapy can be purchased over the counter or prescribed. 补丁, 含片和尼古丁口香糖可以在柜台买到, 而伐尼克兰(Chantix), 盐酸安非他酮(Zyban), 和 Nicotrol nasal spray or inhalers can be prescribed by a healthcare provider.

To learn more about nicotine replacement therapy options, visit the 疾病控制和预防中心美国癌症协会 资源指南.


This app gives people the choice to quit cold turkey or to taper off. It allows for tracking of smoking consumption 和 nicotine cravings daily. 经常使用时, 这款应用可以检测出一个人通常会在什么时候想吃东西, 它发送警报, 对用户的提醒和激励. It also sends rewards for progress 和 has a built-in social support circle.

This interactive app connects you with other people quitting smoking. When the app is opened, it prompts the user to play games or talk to other users. This app also sends users alerts about how much money they are saving 和 the beneficial changes in their bodies. 游戏中也有进步奖励徽章.

This app comes in 44 languages 和 sends the user alerts about how much money they are saving 和 health benefits. It also has an interactive aspect in which users can connect with other people quitting smoking.

This app not only tells the user how much money they are saving 和 about their health benefits, but also allows the user to log when they crave nicotine 和 interprets craving trends. 

这款应用让戒烟更像是一场游戏. 当用户不吸烟时,就会进行跟踪, 和 the app keeps track through stats of how much money the user is saving, 烟不抽,自己日子进步.

这款应用程序旨在帮助吸烟者戒烟21天.前四天是免费试用. The user has access to videos, a cigarette consumption tracker 和 reminders. The premium version includes access to a live coach within the app.


No. There is not a fine for a violation of the tobacco-free campus policy; however, it is a violation of the 学生行为准则 和 the 员工手册 和 Rules of Conduct.

我的JUUL里没有烟草. 这是否意味着我仍然可以在校园里使用它?
No. The tobacco-free campus policy includes all forms of electronic nicotine delivery devices (also known as e-cigarettes or vapes). 

我想戒烟,但我需要帮助. 校园里有供学生使用的资源吗?
Yes, there are many resources available for students, 教师 和 工作人员. 了解更多.

通过无烟政策, Temple will be creating a healthier 和 cleaner environment for 教师, 工作人员, 学生及访客. 

不像无烟校园, 哪些规定禁止使用可燃烟草制品, 包括香烟, 雪茄和小雪茄, a tobacco-free campus also prohibits the use of smokeless tobacco (e.g. ),以及电子尼古丁输送装置(如.g. 电子烟、电子烟、JUUL).

No. As this is a 100 percent tobacco-free campus, there will not be designated areas for use.

学生们将不得不离开校园抽烟/吸电子烟, 但应该考虑到邻近社区.

Will this policy affect where I can buy tobacco products on campus?
尽最大可能, no tobacco or tobacco paraphernalia will be sold or distributed on 威尼斯赌场网站 property. Temple will work with tenants 和 vendors to phase in this requirement, 承认现有的合同承诺.

我不是学生,但我经常经过天普的校园. 这项政策对我来说意味着什么?
The policy is intended to protect the health 和 well-being of all members of the community. 为了做到这一点,将不使用任何烟草 
products on campus; the policy will be fully enforced for members of the Temple community as well as visitors to the campus, 包括供应商及承办商.


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